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"Working with Nancy and Paul is like being in the room with Joseph Chaikin and Bertolt Brecht at the same time. Their training builds on these traditions to craft a profound, moving, and meaningful synthesis of the mind, the voice, and the body. By the end of the weekend I felt vulnerable, validated, emptied, empowered, and above all: present.”

—Greg Taubman, Director / Lecturer at Stanford University


— — —


"Nancy Gabor and Paul Binnerts are the real deal. They bring tremendous talent, heart and care to their work. Participating in this workshop brought me home to who I am as a creative artist and most importantly, as a human being. Don’t miss this. It’s a gift.”

—Jill Van Note, Actor / Coach / Feldenkrais Practitioner


— — —


"The workshop was a completely beautiful, loving, experience.

Nancy & Paul work in tandem as they lead the way into storytelling

with creative aliveness filled with technical clarity, exercises both simple and multifaceted. Being seen, acknowledged and challenged to the

next level is the thrill of working with these master teachers.

I’m eager to participate again.”

Shelley Hainer, Actor / Founder of Bamboo Jacket


— — —


"If you have the chance to study with Nancy and Paul—TAKE IT!

Their workshop was transformational and left me with rich material for further growth and exploration both in performance and in life!”

Sean Kaminsky, Actor


— — —


"When you open your eyes to being more fully conscious, or mindful,

then you notice the little things that make life worth living. According to Nancy Gabor, the best way is to move. No pretense, just communication. In her workshop co-taught with Paul Binnerts, I learned to open up, to tell a story and sing a song: Simply. Convincingly. Joyously. Because the only reason to make theatre is to WANT to tell a story."

Heidi Henshaw, Actor


— — —


"Using movement, voice, presence, improv, and finding and telling our own stories I came away more connected to my unique expression,

as a performer and human, and inspired to continue 'doing me'!

I wholeheartedly recommend taking the opportunity to learn from these immensely talented and delightful NYC-based master actors, directors,

and teachers. They are the real deal!"

Dani Rukin, Life Coach / Motivational Speaker


— — —


"Their workshop was life changing for me last year on both a personal and creative level. The work grounded me in the present like nothing I have ever experienced before. I highly recommend it for finding the 'play' in the moment and a deep connection to one's self."
Allyson Adams, Actor


— — —


"The presence and listening work that we did in conjunction with

the story development brought focus and momentum to the work, opening me up to new possibilities and orientations in working with

myself and others. Paul's sensitivity, wisdom, and unbelievable investment in each one of us and our work was inspiring and invaluable. It is hard to communicate the richness of this experience in a few sentences.

It left me changed, with new pathways forged within."
Gabrielle Young, Actor


— — —


"There is really not a single new play I'm rehearsing in which I'm not thinking of Nancy and Paul. School taught me Shakespeare, ballet, proper-speaking, etc., but they gave me tools."

Thijs Prein, Actor


— — —


"Nancy created one of the richest theatrical experiences I've encountered with little more than a few chairs and the presence of a troupe of actors with a story to tell.  She brought a level of understanding to the play that I'd never had, and to my own acting that brought me into my 'adulthood' as an artist. If you ever get the chance to do a workshop with Paul Binnerts and Nancy Gabor—you'd be a fool to pass it up!"
—EricSutton, Actor / Vanya in Nancy's Uncle Vanya



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